After 13 quarters of prejudice, Vulcabras has profit of R $ 3.1 million

The Brazilian said on Tuesday that it returned to profit after 13 quarters of losses. The company ended the period with a net profit of r $ 3.1 million, compared with a net loss of $ 6.2 million in the same interval last year. The net operating revenue had fallen 2.1% in the third quarter, to $ 342,3 million. The costs of goods sold, however, declined by 11%, to R $ n/a million. Gross profit advanced 23.4%, to R $ 111,6 millions. Operating expenses increased from 21.6% to r $ 76.4 million. ..

Rui Costa surprising WINS in the first round and maintains EN in power in BA

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Disclosure After being elected Governor of Bahia, Rui Costa (Centre) celebrates in Salvador With a strong push in the three weeks leading up to the election this Sunday (5), the candidate of the PT to the Government of Bahia, Rui Costa, 51, defeated Paulo Souto (DEM), 70, and got the win in the first round. The election recalled the 2006 vote, when the same Shakira led the electoral race, but was beaten by fellow PT Jaques Wagner. This is the third consecutive election, won by the ..

OAS and Engevix lead list of targets of the PF in operation Carwash

The new step initiated by the Federal Police in operation Carwash, which investigates allegations of corruption at Petrobras, had targeted the high dome of major contractors. The OAS has more executives on the list of outstanding warrants, driving and coercive search and seizure of the Federal Police. In all, are eight targets within the company. Then are the Engevix Group (with five names on the list) and Camargo Corrêa (with four). Are also target corporate executives operation UTC (four ..

Five foods that strengthen the immune system

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Do you suffer from colds and flus more often than you'd like? Is there a way to avoid them without resorting to drugs or extra vitamins. A change in diet can be enough to end the recurring colds. Some foods strengthen the body's defense against disease and win the battle against bacteria and viruses. "A balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits and other natural products is the best way to provide immune system vitamins and minerals that will strengthen it," he told BBC Emma ..

PwC refuses to approve stock of Petrobras says Estadão

(Reuters)-PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Petrobras ' financial results audit, refused to approve the third quarter balance of oil company and demanded more internal investigations about the alleged embezzlement scheme in the State, according to report published Saturday by the newspaper O Estado de s. Paulo. On Friday, a meeting of the Board of Directors of Petrobras was suspended and rescheduled for next Tuesday, said a source told Reuters, without explaining the reason for the ..

PT will sue Kester by calling stands for ‘ criminal organization ‘

The President of PT, Rui Falcão, announced on Monday in a social network that will render the Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), defeated presidential candidate in the October elections. In an interview with channel Globonews, last Saturday, the Toucan has classified the PT as "criminal organisation". "We're interviewing Senator Martinez defeated. Then, criminal proceedings in the STF (Supreme Federal Court). The PT doesn't take home message, "wrote Hawk on Twitter. PT's attorneys evaluate if ..

São Paulo Stock Exchange opens in fall of 1.20%

São Paulo, 1 Dec (EFE).-the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange fell 1.20 percent on Monday at the opening of the trading session, with the Bovespa index to 54,065 points five minutes after the start of operations. In the foreign exchange market, the dollar opened steady, quoted at R $ 2,570, even closing value on Friday.

China Automotive Systems starts construction of factory in São Paulo

China Automotive Systems, a supplier of auto parts and automotive systems China, today began the first stage of construction of its plant in Sao Paulo, said the company. The unit will produce components for direction, with the goal of selling them throughout South America. The ability of the enterprise will be 100 thousand pieces per year, but depending on the demand that volume can be raised to up to 700 thousand units, the company said. In this first stage, the group will invest $ 3 ..

Interest futures soar with expectation of more monetary tightening

Interest futures soared in block in BM&F on Monday. After diving last week, in the wake of an official of the new economic team, intermediate and long rates have gone through a correction, fueled by worsening global appetite for risk. Short rates already connected to expectations for the course of Selic, advanced as investors bet that the ratification of the monetary policy Committee Copom) will intensify the pace of monetary tightening this week. Most liquid trading, with about 430 ..

HIV is becoming less deadly and infectious, says study

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Thinkstock Study showed that current capacity of the virus to replicate is less The HIV virus is becoming less infectious and less deadly, according to a survey coordinated by the University of Oxford. The researchers showed that the virus is losing power to adapt to our immune system and taking longer to cause Aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome, which occurs as the body's immunological barriers start to be eroded). Some virologists suggest that the evolution of the virus ..