Five foods that strengthen the immune system

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Do you suffer from colds and flus more often than you'd like? Is there a way to avoid them without resorting to drugs or extra vitamins. A change in diet can be enough to end the recurring colds. Some foods strengthen the body's defense against disease and win the battle against bacteria and viruses. "A balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits and other natural products is the best way to provide immune system vitamins and minerals that will strengthen it," he told BBC Emma ..

Reader question: how to eliminate computer virus?

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The Solismar reader contacted UOL Tecnologia, because he needs help to get rid of malware on your computer. He says that a malicious file left your slow computer, what stands in the way of updating the machine and internet navigation. If you have any questions about technology, please send an e-mail to, she can be answered. To assist in the removal of these dangerous software, you will need a program. The AdwCleaner has a very intuitive interface and does not ..

Reader question: how to pass a Facebook page to another user

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The Mauritonio reader contacted UOL technology to know how to transfer the administration of a Facebook page to another user. He wants to extricate from this fanpage administrative positions and passes to a friend. If you have any questions about technology, please send an e-mail to, she can be answered. To download a page to a third party, simply naming a friend as the account administrator. Then delete your post and you will no longer be in the field. Follow ..

In a few clicks, AccountKiller deletes accounts in social networks

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Reproduction Account Killer helps to delete entries on services like Facebook Remove an account or a profile of a social network can be cumbersome. The AccountKiller page helps to delete entries on services like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google accounts (including platforms such as Gmail and Google +) and WhatsApp. The process is fast. As soon as the user clicks the desired service, have access to a link that redirects to the page account removal. In cases like WhatsApp, the ..

Question: how to change photo privacy settings on Facebook?

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Shahnila readers and Gabriel contacted UOL technology to find out how to change privacy settings of your photos on Facebook. While the Internet user wants all of the social network to see your images, the reader prefers that only friends have access. If you have any questions about technology, please send an e-mail to, she can be answered. You cannot, by default, Facebook change the specification of the entire album. The netizens have to go picture by picture to ..

Largest producer of bananas in the world gives up merger and conversation with Brazilians

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NEW YORK, October 24, n/a AFP)-American banana producer Chiquita Brands International announced on Friday that dropped out of merger with the Irish importer and distributor of exotic fruits Fyffes after a negative vote of its shareholders during an extraordinary General Assembly. With that, the bananeiro group will initiate negotiations with the Brazilian groups Cutrale and Safra, who the day before had presented a new offer to purchase. The Cutrale and the crop of millionaires José Luís ..

Mali has its first confirmed case of ebola

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The Ministry of health of Mali announced on Thursday (230 that the country recorded its first confirmed case of ebola, after a two-year-old girl, who was recently in Guinea, tested positive in a test to detect the virus. "Mali has, today, their first imported case of ebola virus," said the Ministry in a statement. The girl was diagnosed after she arrived at the hospital in the town of Kayes (West) on Wednesday, he added. The child and those with whom she had contact are in isolation.

Share buyback plan at Pfizer undermines hopes on offer by AstraZeneca

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LONDON/NEW YORK (Reuters)-the Board of Directors of American pharmaceutical Pfizer approved a new share repurchase plan of 11 billion dollars, decreasing expectations that the company make a new offer for rival AstraZeneca. The largest u.s. pharmaceuticals company said the onslaught if totaled the amount of 1.3 billion dollars remaining in its current share buyback program. Pfizer, which has a market value of about 180 billion dollars, failed earlier this year in an attempt to buy the ..

Ratings: Coutinho (PSB) has 53% and Cunha Lima (PSDB), 47%, Paraíba

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Ibope survey disclosed this Saturday (25), on the eve of the second round, which points to a tight contest in Paraiba. According to the Institute, & Ricardo Coutinho (PSB), who tries to re-election, has 53% of valid votes and Cássio Cunha Lima Senator (PSDB), 47% of the valid votes (when not null are computed, whites and undecided). The survey was commissioned by TVs "Cap Blanc" and "Paraíba", registered under the number PB-00052/2014, heard 812 voters between 22 to 24 this month and ..

Candidates for the DF Government vote confident in Brasíllia

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Applicants to the Federal District Government Sandy Frejat (PR) and Rodrigo Rollemberg (PSB) voted on Sunday morning (26) and demonstrated confidence in victory. Accompanied by relatives, the candidates greeted voters and received expressions of support. The first to vote was Sandy Frejat, who arrived at the polling place today in high school at South Lake Sigma, circa 10:30, accompanied by the wife and youngest daughter. Sandy Frejat, candidate for the DF Government, votes and plead ..